In his 2 decade career in visual communication Chirodeep Chaudhuri has worn many hats. His most recent avatar has been as the author of the critically feted book 'A Village In Bengal: Photographs and an Essay', a result of his 13-year long engagement with his ancestral village in West Bengal and his family’s nearly two century old tradition of the Durga Puja. His career as a journalist has seen him on the teams of newspapers and magazines across the country and till recently, he was heading the Design and Photography departments of Timeout, the international arts and culture magazine's three India editions and later working as the Consulting Editor of Photography of National Geographic Traveler (India).

Chirodeep’s work largely documents the urban landscape and he has often been referred to as the “chronicler of Bombay”. During his career he has produced diverse documents of his home city in a range of projects documenting its architectural and social landscape. His work has also been featured in important publications about the city like ‘Bombay: The Cities Within’, ‘Fort Walks’, ‘Anchoring a City Line’, ‘Bombay Then: Mumbai Now’ and ‘Bombay, MeriJaan’ to name a few.

His work is part of the collection of the Museum of Photographic Arts (Houston, USA), the Peabody Essex Museum (Massachusetts; USA) and the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts (Japan) and private collections in India. Chirodeep lives and works in Bombay dividing his time between his teaching assignments and projects.